How to hold a successful Open Road Girl Meet & Greet

Hosting an Open Road Girl Meet & Greet is a great way to meet other women bikers and it's an amazing opportunity to earn commissions.  


Choose a Venue

  • Select a venue and call them to reserve a room for your group. 

  • Call them 5-7 days in advance to give them an approx. number of girls (and guys) coming.

  • Are they large enough to host your event?

  • Do they have Motorcycle friendly parking?

Create a Facebook Event

  • Create an event in the Open Road Girl Page and share it to the Group along with your personal FB page.  Sometimes tagging your friends in the post will help spread awareness or even asking them to share to help you.

  • Continue to share the event in local groups in your area, in the ORG Group, personal page, friends’ timeline.

  • Use the FB event photo (in Marketing Resources) for ALL Open Road Girl Events.

Market the Event

  • Share the event on social media, send out emails, make postcards, posters or flyers to pass out.

  • Make sure you have cards or sheets of paper printed out that include your referral link!




Get there early (30-45 mins)


Make a Check-In Spot

  • Have peel and stick Name Tags (they hand write their own name).

  • Have sign in sheet so that you can have their contact info; name, phone and email address. 

  • Consider having door prizes to giveaway at the events:  

    • ask local businesses to donate items which is an opportunity for them to promote to the attendees.

    • ask the venue you are using if they would like to donate a gift card or promotional item.

    • contact us to get deep discounts on giveaway merchandise or gift certificates.


Meet and greet everyone

Make sure you introduce yourself to every person who attends. Welcome them, and introduce them to others in the group.


Recruit Cheerleaders

There are always a few people at any event who are off in a corner, not talking to anyone. Get volunteers to be your cheerleader for your event. Their job is to make sure everyone is talking with someone. They should be great connectors as well and have the ability to listen and take an interest in others.

Showcase ORG  - this can be done with a small table that shows some of the apparel you already own, cards that have your referral link, or promotional sheets (ready to print from Marketing Resources).

Ask for the order.   Don't be afraid to ask for the order - 


Follow up, and do it again. Follow up with your attendees. Ask how they liked the event, and get ideas from them about how it could be better. Then plan the next one.


Either do meet and RIDES or meet and GREETS!


Looking forward to building our smaller meet and greets to our MEGA meet and greet!


Malinda   xo