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My name is Tara, I’m 43 years old and I live in Coal City, IL. My first husband and I were involved racing his funny car and traveling, I didnt have much interest in bikes but I did admire nice looking bikes. Tom and I were together 8 years and married only 6 months when he passed away from a heart attack on his way to work. After about a year, I started dating. I was meeting all these guys who rode motorcycles. I am a control freak so I hated being on the back. In 2005, I took the motorcycle class given by the state of Illinois. The day after, I went and bought my first bike! I sat on and test rode so many bikes and the one I fell in love with was a 2005 Honda Shadow 750. It’s gorgeous and I still love it 12 years later. I met my current husband Steve, 2 weeks after I bought my bike. After dating for a year, he went and took the same class I did and bought a bike. We prefer to ride in small groups vs. the big poker runs. I absolutely love seeing other female riders!!! There arent many in my area.


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